H4 Attendance

To appear on this list, the following criteria must have been met:

  • • Hasher must be named
  • • Must have more than 8 runs

If you want to dispute your run totals or correct the spelling of your hash name, take it up with Geek.

6 thoughts on “H4 Attendance

    1. Snatcha Post author

      If you haven’t hashed in Houston in a while your name has probably dropped off the list. Take it up with Geek. It’s also a good excuse to reboot.

  1. chris elias

    quick question. I ran a bunch of hashes in Malaysia with my uncle (PITO aka Pain In The Asshole, given to him by the Malaysian Hashers) . would our runs count towards our run totals here in the states? I have no name yet.

  2. wishboneher

    why are some hashers listed in yellow? also wanted contact info for McPisser to thank him for the awesome songs Friday night at interam


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