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  2. Dennis Cutcher

    I went to several hashes in Johor Malaysia and Singapore. Always had great time.
    That was in 1997-8.
    I’m now in Missouri City and unemployed- oil and gas old coot. Not retired, but unemployed. It’s like a endless weekend.
    Anyway, may go to a Hash soon.
    Thanks and Regards,

  3. Manny

    Hi, I met yall at memorial ( guy from Guam) , I was a given a number or the hash today but I think I took it down wrong. My number is 832-270-0729, it’d be great if I can just get a text or email of where the run starts, thanks!

  4. Wallbanger

    Never heard as many new songs in circle as hash I visited on 5/22.
    Could I get the words to the one with ‘YMCA’ melody, and to the
    song with refrain ‘I know it’s a cat but she feels like a woman to me.’?
    Wallbanger (LDS Hash, Salt Lake City)

  5. Allison

    Hey I just moved to Houston and my friend told me this might be something I would really enjoy. How do I get more information?


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